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Halloween Special: What Might Scare Markets

Many measures of investor sentiment indicate widespread uncertainty about the direction of markets. The age of the bull market, U.S. election, the possibility of a mistake by central banks, U.S. dollar strength, Brexit, and China's debt problems all seem to have the potential to scare...

Election Playbook

In our election playbook, we discuss some investments that could possibly receive an election boost. Some areas that may fare better under Clinton include: alternative energy, emerging markets, and healthcare services. Some areas that could potentially get a boost from a Trump presidency include: biotech/pharmaceuticals,...

Third Quarter 2016 Earnings Preview: Growth Returns?

We believe the earnings recession may have ended in the third quarter. We expect potential upside to third quarter estimates due to supportive economic data, stable oil prices, and U.S. dollar stability. We will be watching closely to gauge the confidence of management teams in...