Retirement Planning

Managing Retirement Income through Market Cycles

You’ve worked hard to accumulate your nest egg, now you’re about to crack it open. How do you make sure it lasts?

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Our Definition of Wealth is when your income exceeds your expenses

For many of us, that definition seems simplistic for most of our lives. We work, pay the bills, maybe have a little fun, and save a portion for retirement. But how do you ensure that equation holds true when your paychecks stop, and you officially retire? At SJK Wealth Management, we work with our clients to help review their portfolio for income sources when entering retirement.

Do an Income Test

We believe that risks tests are important, you can find them on our site. However, have you performed and income test on your portfolio and financial plan? What sources of income can you expect in retirement, how much can you expect in dividends and/or interest from your portfolio? Is it enough to fund your lifestyle? We can help you create a plan and then implement an income strategy custom to your needs.

Retirement Services

  • Retirement Plan Rollover Services
  • Automated distributions into your checking/savings (Your new paycheck)
  • Federal and State Tax withholding
  • Required Minimum Distribution planning and implementation
  • Roth Conversion Planning
Today’s market complexity and volatility demands specialized attention, with a holistic approach to wealth management. We provide the intellectual capital and resources needed to offer a truly dynamic approach to your investment objectives.

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