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What is Portfolio Stress Testing?

Stress Testing is about assessing the potential impact of economic scenarios (e.g. oil crash, inflation, etc.) on your portfolio and other investments. In a portfolio stress test, we construct “what-if” scenarios based on real life macro-economic uncertainties, and measure their potential impact on your portfolio. Portfolio stress testing is not about predicting the future, but about identifying and adjusting for downside risks.


Portfolio Stress Testing

Key Elements of the Portfolio Stress Test


We can design custom scenarios that reflect individual investor concerns, or apply our broad catalog of risk scenarios to a portfolio to identify risk factors.
Lever Analysis
Our platform tracks over 90 different economic factors including GDP growth, CPI, market data like commodities and currency prices, and industry-specific factors. Then, based on statistical correlations, it analyzes the effect of these factors on assets in your portfolio.
Our stress test scenarios can be used with a wide range of asset classes including stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, etc.

Uncover the Hidden Risk Factors in Your Portfolio

Assess your portfolio risks against a variety of economic and market scenario outcomes, covering a range of possible events such as:

We’ve identified nearly 90 different scenarios, or we can build a scenario based on your forecast

We can apply a quantitative approach to test economic and market scenarios that may help you make more prudent investment and financial decisions

Portfolio Stress Testing

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