Christopher Tuck

Christopher Tuck


Phone: 267.880.6116

Christopher Tuck, CFP®

Wealth Advisor


Christopher Tuck serves as a Wealth Advisor for SJK Wealth Management. He joined the team in 2010 to share responsibilities with Scott Kleiman. Together they guide clients on their optimal path to financial independence. Christopher specializes in designing comprehensive financial plans. In his previous career, he worked as a Civil Engineer in New York. He received his Bachelor of Engineering from Hofstra University in this discipline. While it might not seem like a logical career path to go from Civil Engineer to Wealth Advisor, Christopher leans heavily on his engineering experience in helping him provide better plans for SJK Wealth Management clients. He sees a lot of overlap in the two disciplines like understanding factors of safety when designing a plan. Christopher is often heard saying “I still design roads and bridges, just now they lead to my client’s financial future.” He has a passion for creative problem-solving and works with a breadth of clients, specializing in designing custom financial plans to help clients work towards their goals.


Christopher is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional. A designation not required in the industry, but he felt it was critical to obtain this designation and the education received to become a better planner for SJK Wealth Management’s clients. Since Christopher’s formal education was in engineering, he decided to extend his education to gain more specific financial expertise. CFP® professionals have completed extensive training and experience requirements before earning their certificate, and are held to rigorous ethical standards.


Christopher’s experience in obtaining his Civil Engineering degree also made a major impact on his relationship with money. Like so many, Christopher worked his way through college but still graduated with a student loan debt in the six figures. He was the first in his immediate family to attend college and there were no savings to help. After graduating, working through that debt and seeing firsthand the impact on his life helped shaped Christopher’s views and the way he serves his clients. While education planning is only one aspect of crafting a financial plan, it has a special place in Christopher’s heart when helping clients in this area.


Christopher is married to Lindsey Tuck at the practice. They met at Hofstra University in Long Island and joined the practice at the same time, it was a package deal. It was a major moment in both of their lives as they decided to leave their careers in New York, go into completely new careers, work with Lindsey’s father (they were not even engaged at that point), and work, live and commute together. What could have gone wrong??? It was one of those life forks in the road that now looking back they cannot imagine what life would have been like if they went the other way. They took the leap and it all worked out. As Scott said at the time “jump and the net will find you.” Back then it was just the three of them in a small office in Fort Washington, PA. It might not work for all families, but it works for them. Now, Christopher and Lindsey live in Chalfont, PA with their three children, Grayson, Nash, Vienna and their dog Frankie that can be seen at the office as the Director of Greetings.


Christopher Tuck received the Buck and Montgomery County 40 under 40 award in 2014 as a recognition of this business accomplishments, potential and service to the community. He has served on the Board for Habitat for Humanity of Bucks County, a non-profit that lines up closely with his personal values and experience. Affordable homes in his community line up perfectly with his construction and financial backgrounds. Christopher knows how impactful homeownership can be to change a family’s trajectory. It is often an impact so profound it extends generations. Christopher’s parents bought their first home when he was 12 years old, living in rentals before that. Seeing that hard work and the gratification of his parents obtain their home, which they still live in, at that age had a major impact on him. The lesson of hard work was not just preached but demonstrated. It showed that breaking the pattern was possible and taking the risks were worthwhile.


In his free time, Christopher Tuck mostly prefers to spend time with his family. Christopher finds he needs to always have a project going on and can usually be found doing some DIY project such as building a chair, remodeling a room, etc. He also enjoys playing guitar and cooking.