A place to feel more at home with investing-
and with your financial advisor

We believe there's something special about SJK. About the way we do things, and about the very special people we do things for. Sit down with us and you'll be a believer, too. We'll save you a spot on the couch.

Our investors become our family, we are a community. Our mission is to serve those investors with unbiased one-on-one advice. No tricks, gimmicks, cookie-cutter solutions, and no limited, proprietary menu of investment options. Just a commitment to knowledgeable, frank, human interactions that make for a unique and transparent experience.
Our dynamic wealth management process is designed to keep your needs and investment goals top of mind. It's dynamic because while we are financial plan-centered, we are constantly reviewing, monitoring and measuring your financial achievement, and are always prepared to offer alternatives tailored to you—our client.

We're not afraid to be bold and visionary, but we're not swinging for the fences either. We know "slow and steady wins the race," but are always aware that in today's environment, the race can change mile-by-mile.
Our commitment is to you and to those loved ones whose future security you're committed to providing for. We strive to delight, to exceed all expectations, and to deliver inspirational investment guidance and service.

Providing for my family beyond that—a legacy. It's short-term, longer-term, it's LIFE.

Lindsey Tuck

“I’m very keenly aware that I’m usually the first voice a client hears, and the first face they see. To them, I AM the personality of SJK. It’s a big responsibility, but I make sure it’s a pleasure for both the client and myself…”

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Christopher Tuck

“I studied engineering because I have a passion for creative problem solving. What I discovered was applying that passion to building strategies for my clients' financial confidence was more satisfying than building roads or bridges. Now I strive to build bridges to more secure futures…”

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Scott Kleiman

“I was brought up by a wonderful, caring, single mother. I watched her struggle with money and value whatever she could scrape together. I learned many lessons very young about the relationship between money, family, and security. I didn’t know then what—if anything—I was missing. I felt I had all that I ever needed. Today, I dedicate to my family business to striving to provide real confidence to my clients and their loved ones.

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Can your current portfolio stand up to stress testing? Is it truly individualized to YOUR needs, or just a variation on a "formula"?

We assess investment choices one client at a time. No shortcuts, no cookie-cutter formulas, and no proprietary products. We believe the "norm" is no longer working—in fact, there is no "norm," only individual investors with unique needs who deserve our undivided attention.


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