So, you’re recently retired, ahh – traveling is now much more relaxed!

So, you’re recently retired, ahh – traveling is now much more relaxed!

You need not squeeze in a weeks’ vacation now when the company allows you to take it – You are retired – and like most of our retired clients – you love to travel.


With 30-years of hard work behind you, the world is your oyster.  You could hop behind the wheel and drive to a destination or you could take a train somewhere.  Perhaps you’re the type to just sit on the beach and you want to get there quickly – just jump right in the plane and get to the beach to order that cocktail.


No matter what your style and wants are, from total relaxation to excitement, spa pampering or exploring a big city – get ready for retirement travel fun with no time card to stamp!


Ireland – If you’re looking for lush green scenery, inviting pubs, and friendly folks?  Want to find out more about your ancestors or discover the towns they once called home?  Then, a trip to Ireland is your destination.


I suggest that you start in Dublin, where you can visit Trinity College to gaze at the architecture and ancient manuscripts, prison-turned museum (Kilmainham Gaol to listen to Irelands interesting history.)


Explore the cities of Ireland – the port city of Kinsale to the south, Belfast in Northern Ireland, Dingle (love the name) and Kilarney – don’t forget the green countryside of the Emerald Isle.


Australia – With a flight time between 16 and 21 hours from the U.S. and a huge area to see, a visit to Australia doesn’t fit most vacation schedules – until you have no schedule, that is – like you now.


In metropolitan Sydney, tour the iconic opera house and then see it from another perspective on a harbor cruise. Walk across the Sydney Harbor Bridge, or climb to the apex of its steel arch if you have lots of energy and an extra $200. Get up close and personal with Australia’s unique wildlife on Kangaroo Island’s nature reserve, called Australia’s Galapagos, and see koalas, wallabies, kangaroos, fur seals, penguins, and kookaburras. The island is a short flight or ferry ride from Adelaide, in southern Australia.


For marine wildlife, the Great Barrier Reef (a must see) off the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia is home to countless species of colorful fish, mollusks, starfish, turtles, dolphins, and sharks. Melbourne’s Great Ocean Road, at Australia’s southeastern tip, is the place to see rugged seashore, jagged cliffs, sandy beaches, your quintessential beach area.


Just remember that Australia is in the southern hemisphere so the summer is during our winter.  So, travel there between November through March.


Europe – Always wanted to have that European style city / beach trip?  I suggest starting in Barcelona then then flying to Nice and finally capping off the trip by training it to Paris – the city of lights.


Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital of Spain – known for its art and architecture.  A must see is the Sagrada Familia (church) designed by Gaudi – his designs are all over the city.  Visit the open-air markets that are a treat to the senses


Nice, the world-famous beach is just the beginning when it comes to Nice France.  The city boasts many museums, churches and ruins to keep any history buff satisfied.  You could also spend your Euro’s in the many boutiques and amazing restaurants.  Some must see sights are The Promenade des Anglais (this is located along the beach, Castle Hill (Colline Du Chateau).


Paris – There are few cities on earth that capture the imaginations and hearts of retirees like Paris. The French capital is at once historic, modern, romantic, intellectual, grandiose and elegantly understated. First-time visitors often arrive in the City of Lights with grand expectations of extraordinary vistas, of stealing kisses from a lover along the Seine and of intellectuals debating weight matters in smoky cafes. You can find all these things and more in Paris, but the best way to enjoy the city is to explore the winding backstreets and avenues without any preconceptions at all – just drift along and know – you don’t need to be in the office in the morning.